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Tax Exempt Forms

Complete a form for the state the item purchased is located.

For ag exemptions a form must be completed each time a purchase is made.

Unless the proper form is submitted all sales tax will be due. Please contact the taxing authority or our office with any questions.

Forms with an asterisk(*) must be accompanied by certificate.

Forms with 2 asterisks (**) must have a certificate from that state – the states Taxpayer Assistance phone number is provided if you need assistance.

General Resources


Iowa Ag Exemption Form
Iowa Resale Exemption Form*


Kansas Ag Exemption Form
Kansas Resale Exemption Form*


Minnesota Ag Exemption Form
Minnesota Resale Exemption Form** - Taxpayer assistance 573-751-5860


Missouri Ag Exemption Form
Missouri Resale Exemption Form


(Effective October 1, 2014 we will begin excepting a blanket form for Ag exemptions and ag repair parts, please complete a form for our files)

Nebraska Ag Exemption Form
Nebraska Resale Exemption Form*


South Dakota Resale Exemption Form**


Texas Ag Exemption Form
Texas Resale Exemption Form


Wisconsin Ag Exemption Form
Wisconsin Resale Exemption Form**